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Danielle Ferrero Arrested For Flashing Her Boobs During Zoom Visit With Her Inmate Boyfriend Cody Thomas

What is the point of having a Zoom conjugal visit if you can’t flash your boobs?

Apparently, that is wrong.

Can you guess where this happened?

During a video visitation with her jailed boyfriend, a Florida Woman exposed her breasts and masturbated, according to police who arrested her for the alleged lewd display.

According to court records, Danielle Ferrero, 38, traveled Sunday afternoon to the Charlotte County jail for an hour-long virtual visit with inmate Cody Thomas, 25. Ferrero was in the lockup’s Video Visitation Building, while Thomas was elsewhere in the facility.

“The visitation session occurred via internet feed and there was no physical contact between the inmate and the visitor,” cops noted.

During their visit, Ferrero and Thomas “frequently talked in a lewd manner speaking of sex, sexual organs and sexual activities,” according to a police report. Ferrero “frequently flaunted and rubbed her breasts, covered, showing the revealing outfit that she was wearing calling her outfit naughty.”

After Ferrero “mentioned how she repositioned herself and almost had an orgasm,” Thomas “asked Ferrero to have one for her and she began to rock back and forth in her chair, appearing to have an orgasm,” investigators allege.

Now, there are some plot twists that need to be discussed here.

First, after she showed her boobs they discontinued the visit and arrested her which is weak, BUT if you want to know why she might have been frisky during her visit, I possibly have an answer.

Thomas isn’t a murderer or anything.

He was only in jail for 30 days because they sound a meth needle during a traffic stop. The interesting thing is that the needle was likely Ferrero’s but Thomas knowing she could get hit with a probation violation told the cops that the needle was his and took the charge for her.

That my friends is TRUE LOVE.

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