Deshaun Watson’s Massage Accuser Nia Reese Lewis-Smith Says He Asked Her to Finger His Anus and to Put it Her Mouth – BlackSportsOnline
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Deshaun Watson’s Massage Accuser Nia Reese Lewis-Smith Says He Asked Her to Finger His Anus and to Put it Her Mouth

While most of Deshaun Watson’s massage accusers have been publicly IDed only a couple have made public statements and none have done any on-camera interviews until now.

Nia Reese Lewis-Smith spoke to YouTube personality Tasha K and spoke very vividly about their two massage sessions.

Let’s start with the first one where she said Watson was adamant about her fingering his anus.

“The only thing that really bothered me in the first appointment was that he kept asking me to go inside his butt.

I originally thought it was the crack and so I would go around that area and he still wasn’t satisfied. He was very adamant and was saying don’t be afraid to go inside.”

According to Lewis-Smith she just chalked it up to an unusual request from a client and decided to give Watson another shot.

It was their second session where according to her things became very inappropriate.

She stated he kept trying to touch her but, got erect and kept letting her know that it was ok to put her penis in his mouth if she wanted to.

He basically didn’t want the rest of his body massaged, he wanted his groin area massaged and his butt only…he kept saying do you want to put in your mouth? It was just very very uncomfortable.”

This story lines up with what the majority of the accusers have said about Watson. That he asked them to massage areas that they weren’t comfortable doing and then subtly or not so subtly he tried to initiate some sort of sexual activity with them.

Some declined his propositions and others stated they did in fact have sexual relations with him but felt pressured to do so.

Watson and his attorneys have stated any sexual contact that did happen during his massages were fully consensual and that is just a money grab from the 22 women who are suing him.

Out of those 22 women, 8 have filed police reports while two women who aren’t suing him have also filed police reports.

The NFL has not handed down any punishment to Watson who did report to Texans camp while they try to figure out what to do with him.

Watson has not been charged with a crime and the lawsuits are ongoing.

Flip the pages for Nia Reese Lewis-Smith’s interview with Tasha K along with some of her photos. It is an eye-opener.

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