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Doctors Warn People Doing The Viral ‘Crate Challenge” Can Cause Brain Damage

I mean not to say you are either a social media influencer or already brain dead if you attempt the ‘crate challenge’ thinking you won’t fall. Still, in an article via Daily Mail, doctors warn that attempting the ‘crate challenge’ can cause serious injures like a torn ACL, concussion, and fractured bones. They have a valid reason to warn against this because they already have tons of patients to deal with who have COVID, with some hospitals being overrun by COVID patients.

The crate challenge has been picking up steam on social media, and part of the reason it’s so viral is that many people fell because they were too unsteady and fall and hit their head or back-first into the crates. The trend is said to have started on August 1st out of Chicago when two guys from the hood attempting the challenge.

Some of the celebrities to have tried the challenge include 50 Cent, DDG, and YK Osiris.

An orthopedic doctor from Atlanta, Dr. Vonda Wright, stresses to NBC News how dangerous this challenge can be to one’s body.

This is probably the not act I’ve seen that has the highest potential for bodily injury that will take people out not just of their daily lives, but could have lifelong implications.

Some are comparing this trend to the Tide Pod Challenge, but if I had to bet, this crate challenge has the potential to be dangerous right away after attempting it.

TikTok and other social media platforms are doing what they can to remove the videos and have gotten rid of the option to search for any crate challenge videos, but it’s already too late for that.

Of course, this has become the biggest internet joke with hilarious memes relating to the ‘crate challenge.’ Flip the page to check out some of these memes.

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