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Text Messages From Shenee Lawson Apologizing For Giving Deshaun Watson Oral Sex During Massage

Rusty Hardin was upset that Tony Buzbee has been trying the case of Deshaun Watson in public.

It makes sense for Buzbee to do that because his end goal is to get a settlement, and he probably doesn’t care what happens after that.

It is a shrewd move to drop the FBI involvement on the public because that will get the intention of everyone. When the FEDS are involved, you know it is serious.

When you hear terms like Sex Trafficking, you know that it is serious.

Hardin tried to downplay these investigations and flip it around to say the FBI is actually looking at the accusers.

“In April, the FBI came to us and told us they were investigating a matter as to whether one of Mr. [Tony] Buzbee’s clients had committed extortion in the way they were demanding money from Deshaun or what they would do if they didn’t pay it,” Hardin said in a news conference.”

Hardin did admit he believes the FBI is looking into Buzbee’s allegations but doesn’t think they are investigating Watson.

It appears the Cops and the FEDS are interested in something regarding this case, but no one knows for sure who they are really going after.

Hardin also spoke on a woman Shenee Lawson who is suing Watson for coercing her into oral sex during a massage. Hardin read aloud part of the text messages from the woman apologizing to Watson for her behavior.

I have been forwarded those actual messages where Lawson says she felt like an awful person for what she did and speaking on how “negotiations” were going with Watson’s manager.  You can read more about “negotiations” on the BSO Substack.  

You can read the messages yourself and come to your own conclusion.

Lawyer Tony Buzbee previously released a statement saying in part that Watson’s only defense is that all the women are lying, and his idea of consent is different than everyone else.

Who do you believe?

Flip the pages for the full-text messages, Buzbee’s statement, and Hardin’s presser.

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