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Kyle Kuzma Has No Idea What The HIPPA Law Is

I always try to fight against the dumb joke stereotype, but I swear these NFL and NBA players are making it hard.

Bradley Beal doesn’t know the difference between a vaccine and a cure, now we have Kyle Kuzma having no clue what the HIPPA law is.

For those who don’t know, HIPPA only refers to medical and health care professionals giving out your medical info or records to a third party without your permission. To use a sports example, say a player went in for a minor surgery that wasn’t reported, and a doctor gave that information to a reporter, that would be a HIPPA violation.

HIPPA does not protect you from being asked if you are vaccinated. Yes, if you cite HIPPA as your reasoning on why you won’t answer the question, people will think you are anti-vaccination because people who are vaccinated wouldn’t say something stupid like that.

Do better, Kyle.

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