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Nicole Jones Says Her Boyfriend’s Other Girlfriend Shot Her 17 Times

There are a lot of crazy situations that go down when dealing with relationships that involve cheating. This was, unfortunately, the case for Nicole Jones, who is a healthcare worker.

Jones’ videos on social media went viral, where she detailed how she survived being shot 17 times by a woman that her boyfriend was cheating on her with. She had been with this man for a year.

“At the time, I was seeing this guy. Almost a year into our relationship, he began to be unfaithful,” Jones explained. “The girl my boyfriend was cheating on me with, she became a living nightmare.”

This woman supposedly popped up at Jones’ house when he was with her man, which was the beginning of the end of their relationship, even though she was still seeing him throughout. The side chick even threatened her on the phone after getting home from a Halloween party last year.

“I got a phone call from the girl. I answered and it was her in the bed with him,” Jones added. “She had went through his phone that night and seen that me and him were together the day prior. She was very upset. I said, ‘You can have him. He’s clearly there with you, good luck.’ So I hung up the phone and she called me back. She said, ‘I’ll come shoot up your windows.’ I just wrote it off as fight talk. I started to get ready for bed.”

Eventually, the side chick pulled up in a van, wearing all black, and soon started firing gunshots at Jones. The first three shots hit her stomach. Her legs and stomach were also targeted, as Jones decided to play dead, as someone said they called the police.

17 shots were inside Jones in total, as she ended up in a coma for four days. At the time, she couldn’t feel movement in her legs. At the time, her walking again seemed unlikely, but she ended up doing so in rehab. The woman was eventually apprehended by police and has a trial date coming up.

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