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3rd Video and Lurid Texts Between Urban Meyer and Cayman Nebraska Allegedly Exists

Businessman Todd Schuster aka Tron Carter was up early on social media with an exclusive rumor about Urban Meyer.

While the Jags were in London, some behind-the-scenes activity was going to make sure a third bar video and texts weren’t released to the public.  Schuster is known as a well-connected man in Columbus.

Meanwhile, multiple sources in Cbus telling me about the existence of a third video worse than the first two and plenty of lurid texts between both parties. And a certain coach’s wife threatening the woman’s family, calling her mother and grandfather.

The wife, of course, is Shelley Meyer.

People have always believed that Urban Meyer was lying about his relationship with Cayman Nebraska, to the point that some believe helped her get a house in Columbus.

You could tell from the videos that he was very comfortable with her, and frankly, they looked more like a married couple than Urban and his wife.

Shelley is probably aware of all of Urban’s affairs and, at this point in their marriage, just doesn’t like to be embarrassed.

She also seems like the type that would bully a young woman into leaving her husband alone.

The NFL and teams bury information all the time. Just think about what they are doing with the 650k emails, so I wouldn’t be shocked if Ms. Nebraska or the person who has the video bank account is a little fatter.

They have to be careful. You don’t want to look like you are extorting Urban because that can get you in trouble in the feds, but if it is Urban, Shelley, or the Jags offering you money to make sure the video and texts never see the light of day, nothing wrong with that.

This won’t be the last scandal that Urban Meyer will be involved in.

Trouble just always seems to follow him wherever he goes.

Flip the pages for the Tweets about the new videos and texts, along with photos and videos of Ms. Nebraska.

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