Ed Orgeron Asked Pregnant Wife of LSU Official to Cheat With Him; His Womanizing Led to Firing – BlackSportsOnline
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Ed Orgeron Asked Pregnant Wife of LSU Official to Cheat With Him; His Womanizing Led to Firing

Ed Orgeron was married for 23 years.

Then six weeks after becoming a GOD in Lousiana, he filed for divorce. Flushed with millions and free of his wife, Coach O did what many men did before him.

He started wilding out.

If the wins had kept coming, no one would have cared, but when the losses piled up and people noticed he was more focused on the ladies than the football, it was the beginning of the end.

Coach O was big pimping until the end, according to The Athletic.

There was the infamous 2020 photo of him in bed with a woman, among other photos made public. Multiple sources said he brought women around the LSU football operations building. It all took place as his decision-making and coaching performance declined.

“It was just a distraction,” one LSU player said. “In 2019, there was no, ‘What’s Coach O doing postgame or Sunday during the day? Is he laying by the pool with a lady?’ He was planning events other than football.”

It created messes for him, like the time Orgeron pulled up to a woman at a gas station wearing exercise attire. “Hey, you look like you work out,” he said, according to multiple sources. “We could work out together.” The woman informed Orgeron she was married and pregnant, to which he responded, “Why does that matter?”

Come to find out, the woman’s husband was the wife of a high-ranking LSU official, and word got around that Coach O was hitting on his wife.

As you can imagine, that didn’t go over too well.

Coach O also came out as MAGA, showed love for Trump, and didn’t support his team in their efforts on social justice and trying to eliminate racism.  The players and Coach O’s own assistant coaches started to check out on him because he seemed to care about being film shirtless on his runs and hanging with young blondes than coaching.

The good news for Coach O is that he will get $17 million to go away, and he will always have that magical season that will allow him to find as many IG models as he wants.

I would be surprised if he got another high-profile coaching gig, just too much baggage.

Flip the pages Coach O with the ladies.

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