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Jenn Sterger Says Adam Schefter is a Bully and Pawn For NFL Teams

It seems like a lifetime ago, but it was only 2010 when Brett Favre was involved in a scandal that didn’t involve him scamming the poor people of Mississippi out of their welfare checks.

In this care, Favre was caught sending dick photos to a Jets employee (Favre was the QB at the time), Jenn Sterger.

It was a different time, and it was Sterger was vilified in the media, and Favre being the legendary quarterback he was at the time, was given a pass by the media, team, and the NFL.

It is rarely spoken about today, but Sterger went to Twitter to explain how Adam Schefter was a part of the media that attempted to make her look bad at the time.

A certain journalist also published a false statement from me in 2010.. saying I had “agreed to cooperate in the NFL investigation” in an attempt to force my hand & bully me. To which I wrote him in DMs, “that’s false & some sloppy bullshit reporting.”

Schefter is in hot water after being caught up in the Jon Gruden and WFT email scandal.

The LA Times produced an email of Schefter sending a full article to WFT team executive Bruce Allen who he called Mr. Editor before publishing it to ESPN.

Schefter releases a statement via ESPN PR that he probably shouldn’t have done that in hindsight, but no one controls what he writes and reports on.

People find that hard to believe, especially when you call a team executive “Mr. Editor.”

No one really knows the long-term effects of what this will be, but there have been more than a few people that have thrown Adam under the bus over the last few days and questioned if he is a real journalist or just someone who exchanges favors with the league and teams.

Flip the pages for Steger’s tweets and Adam’s statement.

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