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Patrick Mahomes Defends His Brother Jackson For Dancing on Sean Taylor’s Logo

There are a lot of athlete WAGS, parents, siblings, or other relatives that fans can’t stand, but there might not be a more unlikeable person connected to an athlete than Patrick Mahomes’ brother Jackson.

Usually, the fans of the team that the athlete is on can tolerate the sibling or WAG, but it doesn’t really seem like Chiefs fans like Jackson at all.

Fans of other teams sure don’t like him, and after, he did a Tik Tok dance on Sean Taylor’s memorial on the field.

It was extremely disrespectful. Patrick might not see it that way, though.

He liked a tweet saying it wasn’t that big of a deal, and the people that should be blamed are the ones who didn’t block the memorial and put it in a place where fans can access it.

The twee was from former NFL WR Torrey Smith, and it was a dumb tweet, and it was dumb for Mahomes to like it. Just because you can access something doesn’t mean you have a right to dance on it. Saying the people that didn’t block it off are to blame to defend Jackson is ridiculous. Jackson knew exactly what he was doing.

If Jackson had a better reputation, I believe people would give him the benefit of the doubt, but why wouldn’t someone think a person who would pour water on a fan and mock poor people wouldn’t do this?

Jackson is just the type of person who would do something disrespectful like this which is why he is getting COOKED on social media and why fans of Sean Taylor and WFT fans are planning to beat his ass if they catch his slipping in the streets.

Patrick needs to start telling his brother and fiancee to just stay in their suites and chill on the tiktok.

Flip the page to see Jackson dancing and the Tweet Patrick Mahomes’ liked.

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