Influencer Fyza Ali Who’s Popular Due To Her Resemblance To Kylie Jenner Apologizes For Racist Comments About Donkeys and Slaves – BlackSportsOnline
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Influencer Fyza Ali Who’s Popular Due To Her Resemblance To Kylie Jenner Apologizes For Racist Comments About Donkeys and Slaves

A popular Dubai-based influencer, Fyza Ali, who is popular and now boasts of 1.3 million followers on Instagram due to her resemblance to Kylie Jenner and Kim Kardashian, has finally apologized for her racist comments leaked onto social media.

Just this month, Fyza Ali, 29, was dragged on the internet over her racist comments leaked from her Snapchat account. According to Yahoo:

 In the voice memo, Fyza makes many racist comments against the people of Pakistan, telling the woman she is speaking to that she should “go back to where they are f*****g from, where they f**** donkeys for money, and have no f*****g money,” and that she could take her dad and “he could be my f*****g slave.” Fyza and Sonia are reportedly of Pakistani descent themselves.

She was dragged, but then, she came out that she would never apologize for her racist comments, but it seems there are heat and pressure from her clients to apologize for those unfortunate comments. It was reported that companies such as Pretty Little Thing, Missguided, and Shein reportedly decided to stop working with her.

At the time, she wrote:

“I won’t apologize for defending myself in anger because I simply had enough.”

Fyza Ali has gone back to eat her vomit as she is now apologizing for the racist comments she made a few weeks ago.

Now, Fyza is explaining her actions further. In a new Instagram video, she claimed that her intense reaction was due in part to the recent death of her mother. She had taken some time off social media to reflect, and upon her return, is now “admitting 100% to my mistakes.”

“What I said, what she said to me could have been said by any nationality, but I attacked her simply because of anger,” Fyza explained. “That is weak and no excuse for racism. As a human being I’m admitting to my mistakes, I was racist towards this girl. I’m sorry, to her, her family that’s been affected her friends, people who love her, and also the people that I affected who supported me.”

This is not the first controversy that Fyza and Sonia have faced. They were previously accused of having surgery to look more like members of the Kardashian-Jenner family, which they both have vehemently denied. In a 2017 interview with Refinery29, Fyza said while she has altered her face with fillers, it wasn’t to look like the reality stars.

“We were in L.A. for the whole month in July [to attend events], and I think that’s when all the negativity started happening,” she explained at the time. “It was really confusing for us. While we were there, a website did an article about how we got surgery to look like the Kardashians. Everyone is open about surgery in the Middle East, but it’s offensive to say you got it to look like someone else.”

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