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Security Guards Suing Travis Scott For $1 Million For Having to See Dead Bodies at Astroworld

Everyday music artist Travis Scott has to deal with blame for what occurred at Astroworld.

A nine-year-old Black boy who died wasn’t seen as Scott’s responsibility. However, the adult who willingly took the boy to the event will have to look at their decision of concert choice.

It’s too many people who are idol-worshipers of Scott, and it led to numerous deaths with social media debates.

A security man said he witnessed lifeless bodies where CPR was performed despite the crazy fans acting a fool.

“Samuel and Jackson Bush say they were hired by AJ Melino and Associates to work security at the event. The docs claim that while only 50,000 people bought tickets, there were many more in attendance … and the massive crowd caused bigger problems,” per TMZ.

Both men claim mental and physical injuries from working the event. Jackson says he witnessed CPR being performed on lifeless bodies and pulled a person from a crowd crush who ended up dying.

The lawsuit is asking for more than $1 million in damages … and going after not only Travis, but Live Nation, AJ Melino, Cactus Jack Records and others in the process.

As we reported, the new filings are just a fraction of what’s already come in. Just last week, a $2 billion lawsuit was filed on behalf of more than 280 attendees … prior to that, another lawsuit for $750 million was filed against Travis and others.

With over 30 lawsuits emerging, someone will walk out of this war with an unsatisfying result.

While in the end, Scott may not have to come out of pocket for a lot of these settlements, his reputation will forever be tarnished by this. His name will always be attached to this tragedy, and the videos of him continuing the concert while it appears he is staring at dead bodies will forever haunt him.

Just an unfortunate state of events.

Flip the page for the videos that the security guards say traumatized them.

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