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Why Kim Kardashian Prefers to Be With Pete Davidson Over Getting Back With Kanye West

Pete Davidson has captured Kim Kardashian’s heart, making it difficult for Kanye West to win her back. Kanye has expressed interest in getting back with his estranged wife, Kim, but sadly, she is not interested.

Pete Davidson is doing what Kanye West couldn’t do for Kim during their relationship and marriage, and now, it seems she is happy with Pete and ready to move on with him.  This seems like a really strange thing to say, but apparently, it is true if you believe the reports about Kim having no interest in getting back with Ye.

Via MTO News:

“Make no mistake about it, Kim is not getting back together with Kanye. Kim has not given Kanye any indication whatsoever that she wants to work it out,” a source told HollywoodLife. “Kim already told Kanye that their marriage was done months ago when she filed for divorce.”

The pair are still friends and are co-parenting but that’s all. The source added another reason why Kim is over it.

“On top of that, he was dating a model. It wasn’t until Kanye saw that Kim was moving on too that he decided that he and Kim were going to work things out, but it is too late for that and it is not how this works,” the source added. “Kanye is extra bothered because she is hanging out with Pete because he had some beef with Pete from when he went on SNL wearing his MAGA hat and this is known. So, the fact that Kim started to hang out with Pete bothered Kanye in general and now that he sees she is really enjoying being around him, her family thinks it is just making him that much more upset.”

Kanye West is in HELL right now.  He just needs to be patient, no way Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson last forever, right?

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