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Celina Powell On How Drake Changed His Number After She Sent Him Her Nudes

For once, Drake, the man who is addicted to famewhores and Instagram models, had to flee from Celina Powell after she sent him nudes.

Celina Powell claims that Drake changed his number after she sent him nudes. This is surprising! Drake resisting nudes? Celina is obviously not on Drake’s hitlist.

Here is what Celina Powell said:

“Drake changed his number ‘cuz of us! F*ck that,” she said “we’re happy about that, I take credit for that!” Celina went on to say “all I did was send [him] nudes like every month.”

Via MTO News:

Celina Powell the 26-year-old Instagram model who is of Puerto Rican heritage is quickly becoming notorious in the world of hip hop. She first became known in the industry for her lewd Instagram pictures and later caught the attention of hip-hop fans everywhere after claiming to have had an affair with then-married rapper Snoop Dogg.

Celina continued to make headlines. She at one time said she was pregnant with Offset’s baby while he was with Cardi B, but later backtracked on that statement. Celina also claims to have had at least one sexual encounter with Odell Beckham Jr. and that he gets turned on by pooh.

Powell was also was in the news when one of her friends went viral for having oral relations with 7 Pheonix Suns players at the same damn time.

The girl who hooked up with seven Phoenix Suns players in a single night was disowned by her parents and then fired this week.

Ayyyejae, an Instagram model boasting 62,000 followers, appeared on the No Jumper podcast recently alongside infamous rap aficionado Celina Powell.

While on the show, she revealed to host Adam22 that she had hooked up with seven Suns players in a single night.

The story immediately went viral and Ayyyejae became something of an online celebrity.

Unfortunately, it appears her parents did not appreciate the source of her newfound fame. They have reportedly disowned her as a result of what transpired that night with the Suns.

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