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MNF Countdown Crew Put LeBron James On ‘You Got Mossed’ After He Got Dunked On

Monday Night Countdown crew had to put LeBron James on ‘You Got Mossed’ after he got dunked on and Twitter is having a field day.

Total Pro Sports:

The Nets decided to put the ball in James Harden‘s hands and tell him to do something. Harden made his way into the lane, and proceeded to throw up an alley-oop to Nic Claxton.

Problem here is that LeBron James saw it coming and went for the block. He did not succeed as he got posterized.

Days later, the Monday Night Countdown crew decided to put The King on ‘You Got Mossed’ before the Miami Dolphins and New Orleans Saints did battle on the field.

The good news for LeBron is that he is getting less HEAT than Russell Westbrook.

You’ve probably seen the clip by now. The Los Angeles Lakers, after trailing by as many as 23 points in their Christmas showdown with the depleted Brooklyn Nets, had managed to cut the deficit to only two with just under two minutes remaining. They’d held Brooklyn to just 10 points in the fourth quarter thus far, but on the most important possession of the game to that point, Russell Westbrook completely lost track of Patty Mills, one of the most dangerous shooters in the NBA midway through a 34-point explosion, who proceeded to drain the most important 3-pointer of the night.

It’s a pretty fitting encapsulation of Westbrook’s first 36 games as a Laker. The breakdown wasn’t entirely his fault. Malik Monk botches the initial switch. The game doesn’t end on this possession, either. The Lakers would go on to tie it at 115.

But ultimately, what we have here is one of the most important plays of the game going against Westbrook’s team at least in part because of a mistake Westbrook makes fairly frequently. The best explanation for this defensive lapse was that he was playing the short-roll pass to Bruce Brown. The Lakers had three other bodies in the paint. A fourth was overkill if the price was a wide-open Mills, especially since Westbrook wasn’t particularly well-angled for a steal or strip. His freelancing gave Brooklyn its ideal shot. It was, at best, a high-risk, low-reward decision.

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