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Molly Qerim Cheated on Jalen Rose With Stephen A. Smith?

After it was reported that Jalen Rose had filed for divorce from Molly Querim and announced they had been separated for a year, the rumors started circulating immediately.

BSO didn’t address any of the rumors out of respect for Rose and Querim, who we both think are good people, but Querim herself has addressed them, so we want to make sure her debunking the rumors is out there. It isn’t fair that only one side of the story is being told.

Here is what Qerim had to say to Hip-Hop Hollywood.

On Thursday, a rumor spread like wild fire that ESPN First Take Host Molly Qerim was busted cheating on her boyfriend, former NBA Star and ESPN analyst Jalen Rose. The video “evidence” and pictures were posted by Molly’s best friend to social media, then grabbed up by sites like and The sites then proceeded to create a story and a narrative about Molly that they blasted worldwide.

Qerim was in Los Angeles with her colleagues to film First Take. She was in the lobby of her hotel with her best friend, who noticed a couple getting hot and heavy in the corner. Qerim’s friend slyly taped the couple, while Molly, seated next to her, protested. Then Qerim’s bestie posted the video with pics and the caption “get a room.” The two then headed off to church. End of story, nothing more to it.

I talked to Molly and as you can imagine, her head was spinning; she was shocked and confused by the story and all the hateful words that were thrown her way. It simply did not happen; it was a complete and utter lie. I told Molly, welcome to the DARK SIDE.

As far as Stephen A. Smith, that also appears to be something social media has made up. Their relationship is professional as far as we know, and Smith and Rose are friends. So while some of Smith’s actions on the show seem a bit flirtatious, there is nothing to it, just something for social media to make jokes about.  Never say never, but I doubt Stephen A. would do that to Jalen and then have to sit next to him on the NBA Countdown set multiple times a week.

Flip the page for the photo that isn’t of Molly and a man and the video of Stephen A. being way too extra towards Molly.

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