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Sharks Evander Kane Points Loaded Gun at His Wife Anna

I have concluded that both Evander and Anna Kane need therapy.

This is a situation where they are both at fault. Evander had a gambling problem, he got caught trying with a fake vaccine card, and there is some strong evidence that he wasn’t the best husband. On the other hand, Anna lied about being pregnant and possibly fabricated stories about Evander betting on NHL and domestic abuse to get him kicked out of the league.

Now, we have the latest from Anna, and it takes it to the next level via TMZ Sports.

Evander Kane’s estranged wife released a video on Wednesday showing the NHL star pointing a gun at her — but the hockey player says the whole thing is not what it appears to be.

Anna Kane — who’s in the middle of an extremely contentious divorce with Evander — posted the footage on her social media page … saying it showed the 30-year-old with a “loaded” firearm.

In the clip, Evander — wearing a white button-down shirt — can be seen walking into a garage with the gun, before he eventually raised it in the air and then pointed it in Anna’s direction.

“Pointing a loaded gun at me,” Anna said in the caption on the video, adding, “Psycho path.”

Here is what Kane’s attorneys told BSO about the incident.

“She posted videos, taken intentionally out of context, from a professional photo shoot both parties participated in back in 2020.”

“Her conduct, unfortunately, is consistent with her prior actions throughout this [divorce] case. Each time, we hope it will be the last. Each time, we strive to keep the peace and put the best foot forward. Each time, Evander is exonerated and Ms. Kane’s allegations are unsubstantiated.”

The attorney says they hope Anna gets the mental health care she needs.

I would like to hear from the company that did the photoshoot, just to clarify who is telling the truth.

For now, you can watch the video, and we have some exclusive comments from Anna, who denies it was from a photoshoot.

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