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Watch Female Colts Fan Propose to Boyfriend at Texans Game

Everyone and where they would love to kneel and pop the question “Will you marry me” to the love of their lives, and on Sunday during the Colts-Texans game inside NRG Stadium, a woman went on her knee and proposed to her man. The proposal turned into tears of joy after the man accepted the ring.

Via Total Pro Sports:

During the Colts-Texans game at NRG Stadium on Sunday, a female Colts fan could be seen crying in the stands as she got down on one knee, presented a ring to her man, and asked him to marry her.

The man, who had a Budweiser in his hand, seemingly said yes as they kissed each other afterwards.

It was an overall good day for the Colts and those two fans after the team improved to 7-6 after defeating the Houston Texans at NRG Stadium, 31-0. Quarterback Carson Wentz completed 16-of-27 passes for 158 yards and one touchdown.

Running back Jonathan Taylor led the team in rushing, tying a single-game career-high 32 carries for 143 yards and two touchdowns.

In recent years, we have seen more women proposing to men.

The dating site recently found that 95 percent of men would be up for women making the first move, like going in for a kiss or asking for a phone number. And we’re seeing a similar attitude shift when it comes to proposals. Surprisingly, in a survey of 500 men, Glamour found that 70 percent (yes, 70 percent!) would be psyched if a woman proposed. So, we’re definitely progressing in our collective view, but obviously, 70 percent of women in heterosexual couples still aren’t doing the asking. But maybe proposing—for many, the ultimate romantic gesture and so long considered a masculine move—is going to be the final hurdle. As it becomes more acceptable and more common for women to make other first moves, proposing might not be far behind.

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