50 Cent Clowns Drake For Putting Hot Sauce in Used Condom to Make Sure IG Model Didn’t Steal His Sperm – BlackSportsOnline
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50 Cent Clowns Drake For Putting Hot Sauce in Used Condom to Make Sure IG Model Didn’t Steal His Sperm

BSO was the first to report how Drake allegedly put hot sauce in an old condom to prevent an IG model from stealing his sperm.

When the IG model tried to insert the old sperm, let’s just say it got a little hot.

Drake spoke on the matter the only way he knows how, subliminally.

A model may be filing a lawsuit against Drake after things got a little too spicy in the bedroom. While chatting with Too Much Hot Tea, the Instagram model, whose name wasn’t revealed, said that she had consensual intercourse with Drizzy a few weeks ago and when she tried to trap him things went left. After they finished having intercourse, Drake went into the bathroom and disposed of the condom. The model then went into the bathroom and tried to impregnate herself with the sperm in the condom. While trying to do this, she screamed after feeling a burning sensation. The 6 God then told her that he put hot sauce in the condom to kill the sperm.

In his latest Instagram post, Drake didn’t confirm or deny this story but seemed to have responded.

“You can have your 15 minutes of fame…I’ll take the other 23 hours and 45 mins,” he captioned a set of two photos.

For all we know this could be made up, since the Instagram model giving all these alleged quotes have never been revealed.

Whatever the case that hasn’t stopped the jokes from flying, and that is where 50 Cent comes into play. You know 50 loves a good drama story about another rapper or Floyd Mayweather, so he went to his Instagram to give his hilarious take on the matter.

Flip the pages to check out what 50 had to say about the matter; Drake has not commented on the post, but I wouldn’t be shocked if he did sooner or later.  Also, the ALLEGE IG model is threatening to sue for arson.

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