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Antonio Brown Rocks Ravens Jersey on Social Media; Will The Team Sign Him?

Antonio Brown has been in the headlines nonstop since abruptly making his exit from the Buccaneers game against the Jets a few weeks ago.

It should be noted that he didn’t just leave though. He was told he wasn’t on the team anymore after he told head coach Bruce Arians that he was hurt and couldn’t play anymore.

No one knows if he will get another shot from a team but that isn’t stopping him from lobbying anyways.

The team he wants to play for? The Ravens so he can play with Lamar Jackson.

When asked about who he wanted to play with he responded by saying “Action Jackson” and then gave him his flowers. He then posed a pic of him in a Ravens jersey on Twitter. Seems like he’s all in.

Wonder if they’ll give him a chance.

A lot depends on how much say Lamar Jackson has in personnel moves. The only reason Antonio Brown was on the Bucs was because of Tom Brady.  Can Lamar Jackson convince the Ravens to bring AB aboard?

This wouldn’t be the first time Brown has talked about possibly playing with Jackson, though. After a video emerged of the two working out with Marquise “Hollywood” Brown in April 2020, Jackson was asked if he thought the Ravens should sign Brown, who was a free agent at the time.

“I’d be happy if they signed him,” Jackson said of Brown.

The veteran wide receiver was coming off a 2019 campaign that saw him traded from the Pittsburgh Steelers to the Oakland Raiders. He then demanded a trade from the Raiders, who later released him, before joining the New England Patriots, who also cut him.

People act like it would be such a terrible idea for the Ravens to sign Brown like they didn’t bring back an ALLEGED double murderer.

Flip the page to see the video and pics.

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