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Jermaine Dupri Advises Men Not to Date Rich Women Like Janet Jackson

Jermaine Dupri has opened on dating Janet Jackson in a recent interview, and according to him, no man should mess with rich women. According to Jermaine, he lied to Janet and also learned from her that you can’t play with rich women.

Jermaine said:

“You can’t really play with rich women. They do whatever they wanna do. You can hang up on the phone with a rich woman and call her all kinda names, and she call you all kinda names, and you be like, you hung up the phone, and then the doorbell ring. You like, ‘What?! What’s goin’ on?’ That person be at your house.”

“You can’t play with a rich woman. You can’t play with a poor woman, but you can’t play with a rich woman. Not them games.”

Dupri went on to say that Jackson warned him that when they started dating that she had six famous brothers, so she knows how men move and lie. pri said it had him shook because she was rich and had all this game from having brothers, how would he ever be able to cheat or lie.

Dupri never says if he tried or if he was caught by Janet, but you do have to understand rich people just have a lot more resources.

If your girl works at the mall, she probably can’t afford a private detective to follow you around to see what you are doing when you are in her Nissan Altima. She might be able to go through your phone, but can’t have her your house bugged.

You get what I am saying. Keep all this mind if you ever happen to date a rich woman or at least someone making high six figures.

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