Lamar Odom Calls Tristan Thompson “Corny” For Cheating on Khloe Kardashian With Maralee Nichols – BlackSportsOnline
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Lamar Odom Calls Tristan Thompson “Corny” For Cheating on Khloe Kardashian With Maralee Nichols

Last time this happened Tristan threatened to murder Lamar Odom, but Odom is much more likely to kill Tristan than the other way around if you know what Odom has been through.

Odom was out in Atlanta when TMZ caught up with him.

He was sure to take some shots at Tristan and point out that Khloe can call him at any time.

You can tell Lamar Odom still has love for his ex-wife, Khloe Kardashian, based on what he’s saying about her recent embarrassment at the hands of Tristan Thompson … and telling us what’d he do to comfort her.

We got the former NBA superstar Wednesday at the Atlanta Fish Market in Buckhead, and he said he hasn’t reached out to Khloe since TT copped to getting another woman pregnant.

LO says he and Khloe haven’t seen each other in a long time, but he feels like this would be a great time to be able to give her a hug.

While we asked directly about Tristan, Lamar clearly didn’t want to discuss him … simply saying “he’s corny” for what he did. TT and Lamar have butted heads in the past, like earlier this year after Lamar left a comment on a Khloe post.

Khloe is likely to take Tristan back at some point she always does, but Odom is taking the opportunity to try to make his move while he can.

It would be in Khloe’s best interest if she just moved on to a new baller, that way the cheating will at least be fresh.

At this point her getting cheated on by Odom or Tristan is like the 4th Matrix movie, very boring and unnecessary.

What do you think about the situation, should she give Odom another chance?

Flip the pages for Odom speaking on Khloe and Tristan as well as the death threats.

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