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Skip Bayless on Telling His Future Wife Ernestine She Would Always Be Secondary to His Hot Takes

Skip Bayless has told this story a few times before and it is still always amazing when I hear it.

That is why I call him “Pimp” Bayless from time to time. Honesty in any relationship is important and Skip told his future wife from the jump that she will never be more important than his hot takes.

I think when you are upfront about something like that, your significant other can never hold it against you.

Here is what Pimp Bayless told Ernestine on their first date and why he never had kids.

Whenever the on-air personality talks about his family during a show, he typically mentions his wife, Ernestine, or his dog, Hazel. He never mentions any children. So, yesterday, during a segment on his brand new podcast, “The Skip Bayless Show,” the awarding-winning broadcast journalist explained to his viewers that the reason why neither of his first two marriages produced offspring is because of a decision that he made while he was in his twenties to work obsessively in the business of sports media. He then conveyed the message that his tireless work ethic and dedication to moving up in his chosen profession would have ultimately handicapped his ability to be a good father.

“I just knew that if I continued to work nights and weekends, the way I do obsessively, that I’d be a horrible father,” Skip Bayless said. “I’d be as horrible of a father as my father was — for other reasons — and I wasn’t going to inflict that upon kids. No fair! Not worth it! No. I’m married to (my career). Then, I met my wife, Ernestine, 17 years ago in New York City. On our first date, as she will attest, I said, ‘Hey if this happens to go anywhere, I’m sorry but I’m declaring myself upfront, you’ll always be number two to my job.’ Which is my life, which is my passion. She was taken aback but she said ‘Okay, I got it.’ She’d like to say now that she’s become 1A but only 1A to my obsession.”

A lot of people hate on Skip, but you can not question his work ethic.

Flip the page for him speaking about his personal life, it is pretty enlightening.

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