Toilet Licking Model Ava Louise Says She Made $31k Off Antonio Brown’s Only Fans 30 Seconds Sex Tape – BlackSportsOnline
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Toilet Licking Model Ava Louise Says She Made $31k Off Antonio Brown’s Only Fans 30 Seconds Sex Tape

IG models know how to use social media to milk every dollar they can get out of a story.

Antonio Brown didn’t do any background checks on Ava Louise, he just saw a thick white woman, and he couldn’t resist. If he did any research, he might have found that she licks toilets for clout and made up a story about Kanye and Jeffree Star being lovers. Granted, he didn’t know that he would become a national story the day after their encounter. That was pure luck that became very beneficial for Ms. Louise.

She is now reaping the benefits of that luck.

Inside, she says the 33-year-old began ranting about ‘bulls**t Covid rules’ and repeatedly told her, ‘f*** the NFL’. She says he then went on to tell her he is ‘insane’ before adding: ‘You don’t even know my crazy right now. You don’t know my crazy right now.’

Despite her concern over his mumbling, the pair went on to have sex – which Brown insisted on filming for her Only Fans account. Louise said: ‘When we had sex, he wanted to film it and make a tape on my phone. He wanted me to put it out there.

‘I looked at him and I’m like, are you being serious right now? He was. Again, I’m like, you’re Antonio Brown – why would you want that scandal? ‘But he wanted to create that. I think it was purposeful considering how he’s been acting in the media. He wants that controversy, he wants this attached to his name.’ She added: ‘He knows I have an Only Fans – he told me, let’s make a tape for your Only Fans. Obviously, I’m not putting it out there right now but that’s pretty crazy.’

According to Ms. Louise, who is now trying to expose Devin Booker, she made $31k off the sex tape scandal that she claims only lasted 30 seconds.

Because this is AB, it isn’t a scandal or anything, just another wild story to add to his resume.

Flip the page for the OnlyFans content and her speaking about hooking up with AB.

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