Joie Chavis Says She Regrets Kissing Diddy on a Yacht While He Was Dating Yung Miami – BlackSportsOnline
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Joie Chavis Says She Regrets Kissing Diddy on a Yacht While He Was Dating Yung Miami

Joie Chavis claims she was on a business trip with Diddy when paparazzi were caught making out.

I have seen the photos, and while there may have been some business going on, there was definitely a pleasure part. Most women put on their best string bikini and go out on a megayacht with their business partners. I mean, who doesn’t these days?

Now, she is copping pleas because Diddy is back with his main boo Yung Miami. Bossip has the story that doesn’t paint Chavis in the best light.

“Since y’all so damn nosy, here it is! Me and him are friends and have been! I was working on un unreleased project for him and thats why I was in Italy! In the midstof me being there we kissed, thats it. Didn’t go further than that! I had my own damn room and he has always been respectful to me as a friend. The kiss shouldn’t have happened, but it did, and there’s nothing I can do about it. She [Miami] knew about the project because I told her prior, in Houston!”

“I didn’t and still dont know anyone else’s business on how people deal with each other but being that we always exchange on socials, I thought I should let her know.”

“I hate that Im even responding right now cause usually I pay it, BOOTS! Not this year and moving forward! I’m gonna stand up for myself regardless of how y’all see it, or what y’all believe. I’m tired of it. I don’t bother NO ONE, I make my money and take care of my kids! That’s my only focus!”

“Now find someone else to bully and dead this damn love circle y’all think is going on! Cause it ain’t that, wasn’t that, and will never be that!! Now leave me alone lol”

We need to ask Chavis’ baby daddy Lil Bow Wow what he thinks about all this.

Flip the pages for the yacht photos, and you can decide if it was all innocent or not.

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