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Trevon Diggs Calls Fan a D*ck Rider After The Fan Says in the DMs He and His Brother Stefon Suck

It’s been a rough couple of weeks for the Diggs brothers.

After giving the fans some hope they would win, Trevon and the Cowboys lost to the 49ers last week. Then a week later, the Bills had one of the best games ever against the Chiefs and came up short in overtime.

The worst part about those two is that neither one played particularly well in the losses, and fans let them know about it. One fan, in particular, got the attention of Trevon.

After saying they both suck, Trevon slid in his DMs and told him that dick riding doesn’t make any money. Stefon certainly doesn’t suck, and Trevon doesn’t when he is getting INTs but when it isn’t.

From this point on, the tenor of this article will feel very negative, though that’s certainly not the intention. There is no denying that Diggs is having an excellent second season, and he has already more than paid back the second-round draft pick the Cowboys spent on him. He looks like a foundation piece for a defense moving in the right direction in a hurry.

However, turnovers can skew perception, and the backbone of PFF’s process is accounting for all plays, not just the highlights, to give a fuller picture of player performance.

The first and most apparent reason Diggs has a lower grade than you might expect is that he gives up a lot of yardage between interceptions. How many yards? Well, he is currently on pace to surrender the most yards in coverage PFF has recorded from any cornerback over the last 16 years.Maybe next year for those two.

. In fact, Diggs leads the league in yardage allowed in the first quarter, and the first three quarters, not just overall. He ranks 98th out of the 100 corners who have played 100 or more snaps at outside corner in yards allowed per coverage snap. The Alabama product has also allowed five touchdowns.

The simple fact is that when he does give up a catch, it tends to be a big play. The average catch allowed in Diggs’ coverage this season has gone for 18.2 yards, with around 40% of that coming after the catch.

With that being said, don’t be a troll in the DMs.

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