Adrian Peterson Says He Doesn’t Beat Women Just Kids; Says All He Did Was Take His Wife’s Ring Off During Argument on Plane – BlackSportsOnline
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Adrian Peterson Says He Doesn’t Beat Women Just Kids; Says All He Did Was Take His Wife’s Ring Off During Argument on Plane

Before the Super Bowl festivities got going, NFL RB Adrian Peterson was arrested and charged with a felony for domestic violence when he was on a plane that was going to head to Houston.

He allegedly assaulted his wife on the plane which had to turn around back to LA where Peterson was then arrested.

Earlier today, Peterson in a statement saying he was mind blown that he was taken to jail and it was only because she had a scratch on her finger in the state of California and by law they had to take him in. Peterson says he doesn’t hit women (just kids) and implies that a KAREN was the reason he was arrested.

He says he literally didn’t do anything and it’s blown out of proportion and it was just an argument on the plane where he grabbed her hand and took her ring off. She didn’t press charges but the state did. The question begs what type of argument are you having on a plane where you are forcefully taking off your wife’s ring that it leaves a bruise.

Also his version of events are a little but different than the cops (you can’t trust them either).

Law enforcement sources tell us the ex-Vikings running back was arrested and booked for felony domestic violence Sunday at LAX — this after airport police got a call at about 8:30 AM over a disturbance on an aircraft leaving LAX and attempting to take off en route to Houston.

We’re told the plane actually had to turn around and link up with the gate again after an apparent verbal and physical altercation between a man and woman.

After a preliminary investigation — and after making required notifications to the FBI — our sources say Peterson was taken into custody … as the alleged victim was seen to have sustained a small mark from whatever happened. Indeed … we’re told the woman is Peterson’s wife, Ashley Brown.

After her husband was hauled off the plane, we’re told the flight was able to depart as planned … which included Ashley, who stayed on board with the rest of the passengers.

Also if his wife didn’t think it was a big deal why didn’t she stay with him in LA?

Whatever the case Peterson hopes the charges will get dropped.

Flip the page for his full statement and photos of his wife from Super Bowl weekend.

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