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Ambar Nicole Says She’s Having Ja’Marr Chase’s Baby After Saying He Doesn’t Shower

It is funny what winning the Rookie of the Year and going to the Super Bowl will change how someone thinks about you.

Before the season started, Ambar Nicole exposed Ja’Marr Chase for not washing his ass after practice and being a dirty person in real life. Here is what happened back then.

Bengals rookie WR Ja’Marr Chase hasn’t even played one snap in the NFL yet, but he’s already alledged to have gotten a girl pregnant. Instagram model and possibly former girlfriend Ambar Nicole, took to IG to expose Chase claiming he screws anything that walks, and went on to say he doesn’t wash properly.

“@LAHJAY10_ Trash AF. Will f*ck anything walking. Don’t even wash his ass. This man whole life is cap AF!!! Don’t believe the hype this man really dirty in real life.”

She then posted a screenshot of a text conversation with her and Chase where she told him was pregnant and his response was simple…he told her to take a Plan B.

She also accused him of abuse while she was pregnant.

On her Instagram story via All Sports Culture when she deleted she claims that Chase put his hands on her while she was pregnant and called him a p*ssy with a pic of him in the background.

Chase, in text messages, previously said the baby wasn’t his, and she needed to take a “Plan B” drug. No word on if he now believes the baby is his and they are potentially living together.

She showed off a photo of her baby bump today, so it looks like it is close to the time for her to have the baby. Chase hasn’t claimed her and still doubts the baby is his, so I think this one will end up in court.

She will want all that new endorsement money he is about to bring in.

Flip the pages for all the old IG posts and messages.

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