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Michele Tafoya Leaving NBC Sports to Become Full Time MAGA

I am all for this.

If you want to be a full-time MAGA, you can’t really stay in the sports world filled with predominately black athletes. Tafoya is right. She can’t speak freely while working for NBC Sports and the NFL, so she will leave the gig and go work on her passion which seems to be aligned a lot with Donald Trump.

You saw a little taste of Tafoya’s beliefs when she took shots at Kaepernick on the VIEW. Here is what she had to say to the Atheltic about her new career.

Tafoya will announce Monday that she will be the co-chair of a political campaign for businessman and Army veteran Kendall Qualls, who announced in January that he is running as a Republican candidate for governor in Minnesota. She said she plans to make herself available to appear on shows that discuss politics and cultural and social issues found in the front of the newspaper. She will also appear in some form at the CPAC (Conservative Political Action Conference) in Orlando in late February.

Tafoya says the original plan at CPAC was for her to interview NBA player Enes Kanter Freedom — the two are still working through schedules given the NBA season and Kanter recently being traded and waived. If the Kanter interview does not come to fruition, Tafoya said she will appear on a panel there. Tafoya says her longer-range goal is to be part of a daily or weekly program in some medium where she discusses politics and her interests beyond sports.

In November, Tafoya appeared on ABC’s “The View” talk show for two days, and her remarks on several topics, including COVID vaccines, critical race theory and Colin Kaepernick, placed her in a spotlight outside of the sports broadcasting arena.

Be very leery of anyone who wants to erase teaching kids about America’s racist history. That is always a red flag to me.

Flip the pages for her appearances on the view.

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