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Patrick Mahomes Gets Wasted and High In Las Vegas After The Pro Bowl

Twitter folks have reacted to a photo of Patrick Mahomes looking wasted in Las Vegas after the Pro Bowl. In the photo, Patrick Mahomes was seen with his fiancee Brittany Matthews, and he looked faded. He was obviously tired and needed some rest.

Total Pro Sports has more on the party after the Pro Bowl that probably got him looking wasted and faded.

Patrick Mahomes would love nothing more than to be preparing for a Super Bowl against the Los Angeles Rams, but his team couldn’t hold a 21-3 lead against the Cincinnati Bengals in the AFC Championship game.

This past weekend, the Kansas City Chiefs QB participated in the Pro Bowl where things got off to a rough start when he threw a pick-six, during which Buccaneers DB Antoine Winfield Jr. juked Mahomes with a fake pitch.

After the game, it was clearly time to party and one photo proved that. The below picture with his fiancee Brittany Matthews shows that Mahomes was looking quite faded.

It is totally ok to get wasted after the Pro Bowl. It looks like Mahomes had a much smoother time than Alvin Kamara or his brother Jackson who was trying to force women to kiss him in Vegas casinos.

Plus you had this guy.

University of Central Florida defensive end Trace O’Hara, son of Tennessee Titans quarterbacks coach Pat O’Hara, put on a pair of Oakley’s, made his way to the Pro Bowl practice field and drew cheers from the fans as he shared a stark resemblance to Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes.

Mahomes always draws heavy attention from fans when he shows up, but this time someone else was taking his shine.

“It’s been an ongoing joke with me and my friends, how much I look like Mahomes, but this weekend my dad was able to get me into the practice and the game over there and I decided to go check it out,” O’Hara said. “My dad was telling me on the way there that the crowd was going to think I was Mahomes, so he gave me his sunglasses and told me, ‘Just walk forward and you’ll see what I’m talking about.’”

Wild times.

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