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Philadelphia Strippers Welcome James Harden To Town With a VIP Offer He Can’t Refuse

Since the strippers and strip clubs in Philadelphia know James Harden loves women and loves having much fun with them, they’ve welcomed him with open arms and legs. Welcome to Philadelphia, James!

Total Pro Sports reports more on Philadelphia strip clubs welcoming James Harden to town with open arms and legs.

Earlier today, the Brooklyn Nets and Philadelphia 76ers agreed to a blockbuster trade just hours before Thursday’s deadline, with James Harden and Paul Millsap going to Philadelphia and Ben Simmons, Seth Curry, Andre Drummond and two first-round draft picks going to Brooklyn.

The trio of Harden, Irving, and Durant only played in sixteen total games together before the bearded one made his exit. It was a complete and utter failure.

Now, that Harden is going to Philly, the strip clubs in the area, who clearly know how much he loves the women, have already rolled out the red carpet in anticipation of his arrival.

For Philadelphia, it means the end of what has been a monthslong saga surrounding Ben Simmons, who refused to ever play for the franchise again. Simmons hasn’t been around the team and has not played in a game this season. ESPN’s Paul Millsap stated Simmons will continue to work with his therapist to get mentally ready to play in Brooklyn.

This is a warm welcome!

One of the reasons Harden hated Brooklyn was that he wasn’t fond of the New York stripper scene. It isn’t that New York doesn’t have a lot of strip clubs. Let’s just say the strippers are more for the Wall Street guys and not the NBA players and rappers, if you understand what I am saying.

They are missing a little bit of thickness in the cheeks that Harden is yearning for. He never had to worry about that when he played in Houston.

Flip the pages to see how the strip club is inviting him and his VIP box ready (no pun intended).

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