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Chandler Parsons Tells Great Kobe Bryant Story About The First Time They Met

One of the best things to happen since Kobe Bryant’s tragic passing is that we seem to get a new Kobe story every week.

This one comes from recently retired NBA player Chandler Parsons.

While joining the All The Smoke podcast with Stephen Jackson and Matt Barnes, Parsons talks about the first time he played against Kobe his rookie year and how Kobe set him up with a very large club bill.

Parsons says that he wasn’t supposed to talk to Kobe but Kobe asked if the team was staying the night in LA and when he told him yes, Kobe said that he was going to set Parsons up at one of the hottest clubs in town. Parsons thought it was a joke or Kobe trying to get in his head but turns out it was real and Parsons told his teammates and team staff to go with him.

When the check was coming the waitress came straight for him and he thought Kobe set him up with the bill but turns out she just wanted Parsons to sign for Kobe who gave the club his card.

If you think he was lying, he wasn’t. Parsons shared the texts exchange from Kobe.

From players, random people, or celebrities, the Kobe stories are always appreciated.

A lot of times you feel like all of Kobe’s stories will be him busting young players’ asses on the court and while he did that, the reason all these young players look up to Kobe it is because how much he helped them with their games and more importantly with their lives.

Kobe was taken from us way too soon when he had way more to give off the court. Fans and NBA players show how much he missed every single day.

Flip the page to see the video and the text messages.

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