One of Grizzlies Dillon Brooks’ Exes Spread False Rumor His New Girlfriend Big Bambina Was a Transgender – BlackSportsOnline
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One of Grizzlies Dillon Brooks’ Exes Spread False Rumor His New Girlfriend Big Bambina Was a Transgender

You might have seen last week on the social media streets some stories about Grizzlies Dillon Brooks new girlfriend who goes by The Big Bambina.

She has been at multiple Grizzlies games this season ofter sitting courtside watching Brooks play. They have been dating for about nine months on the low, but the relationship came to light after it appears that one of Brooks’ ex-girlfriends decided they weren’t happy with his new relationship and spread a rumor that Bambina was a transgender.

As far as which ex-girlfriend it could have been well, Brooks has had a few that he has had problems with in the past. You can read a story about that here, here and here.

With that being said Bambina wanted to clear the air about the false rumors.

She did a Q&A on Instagram where she provided a birth certificate and some other information to prove she is 100% women while also showing support for the transgender community.

It should be noted there is nothing wrong if Brooks or anyone for that matter wanted to date a transwoman, that is their personal life and they are free to do with whatever they want to do with it without judgment. The fact one of Brooks’ exes thought this would hurt his reputation means they are very transphobic and that is sad.

Brooks has had horrible luck with women since he got into the NBA, but it seems things are pretty stable with the Big Bambina. Maybe he has found the right one and just has to hope that his exes and baby mamas will leave him alone. The focus should always be on co-parenting and being a better person going forward.

The playoffs are starting and the Grizzlies need Brooks head in the game if they plan to make a run at the NBA Finals which is quite possible with the roster they have put together.  Bambina has decided to step away from social media and try to keep their relationship private going forward.

Flip the pages for the Big Bambina clearing her name by posting her birth certificate and some more of her photos.

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