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Watch Bow Wow Talk About His Breakup With Ciara And Her Relationship With Russell Wilson

Bow Wow in a flashback interview with Vlad spoke about his relationship with Ciara and Ciara’s relationship with Russell Wilson.

Here are the details of the interview;

In this flashback, Bow Wow started off addressing Jermaine Dupri pointing out that artists should stick with the people you have success with, and JD pointed out that Bow Wow wasn’t doing the same numbers when they didn’t do an album together.

Bow Wow then revealed that he went to JD’s house and told him he wasn’t doing another album without him, which is when they linked back up for “Wanted.” Moving along, Bow Wow detailed his relationship with Ciara, which he said started when her first single, “Goodies,” came out.

Bow Wow explained how he realized that he really cared about Ciara when he saw her on stage at Jay-Z’s concert and he didn’t want to play games anymore.

Speaking about the breakup, Bow Wow explained that he was young and easily influenced, and he adds that he has a ton of respect for Ciara. Bow Wow also shared his thoughts on Ciara’s relationship with Russell Wilson.

Ciara has been in the news lately after THE PIVOT’s Channing Crowder called Russell Wilson a square and said Ciara only got with him because of his money.

Believe it or not, even though Crowder was just talking and having fun, most people understand that people grow up and want more out of their relationships. Ciara is no different than the girl at the call center who is fed up and looking for something more stable, this is not breaking news.

You don’t need a special prayer to find a nice man, you just need to actually want one. That is the major key, praying for a car to get you back and forth from work, but actually want it to be a Lexus is two different type of prayers if you smell what the Rock is cooking.

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