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Ex-NFL RB LeSean McCoy Says He Knows Why Chiefs OC Eric Bieniemy Doesn’t Have Head Coaching Job

One of the biggest quandaries surrounding the NFL is Chiefs OC Eric Bieniemy not having a head coaching job yet despite calling the plays for one of the most potent offenses the NFL has ever seen.

Usually, it only takes a season or two for an OC that has led a high-powered offense to get a job as the head coach but not Bieniemy.

Former NFL RB LeSean McCoy seems to know why.

While on the I Am An Athlete podcast, McCoy says there’s a reason why he’s hyped up to get a job every offseason but never gets a job and it isn’t because he’s Black. It’s apparently because the teams know the type of coach he is and McCoy implies that isn’t really good.

He also says Bieniemy is the reason why stopped playing in Kansas City.

Despite the Kansas City Chiefs offense ranking sixth or higher in total offense, passing, and points scored each of the last four seasons, offensive coordinator Eric Bieniemy has yet to be hired as a head coach in the NFL. It’s crazy that Bieniemy has gone four years without becoming a head coach.

Even though teams like the Denver Broncos, Houston Texans, and Miami Dolphins, just to name a few, have fired multiple head coaches during the last four years, they still won’t hire Bieniemy. Fans have speculated as to why teams won’t hire him.

Although it is not clear who exactly is calling the plays for the Chiefs on offense, multiple non-play callers received head coaching gigs in the past couple of weeks. Some believe Bieniemy does not do well in job interviews. Although none of us are present during these interviews, we hear him in press conferences weekly and there has never been a complaint about the way he communicates to the media.

Others have mentioned his troubled past, though it has been a very long time since some of his incidents. There is also the possibility that Bieniemy has turned down some offers, but would he really keep turning down head coaching offers for four years in a row? Fans are almost out of ideas as to why he can’t land a head coaching job.

One theory that has not been discussed much is the fact that Bieniemy is coaching a talented offense with Patrick Mahomes, Travis Kelce, and Tyreek Hill—three players who are among some of the best at their respective positions and arguably the best quarterback-tight end-wide receiver trio the past four seasons.

Pretty damning stuff.

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