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Rapper 2KBaby Gets Horrible “2” Tattoo In The Middle Of His Forehead

Getting a tattoo on your face causes a lot of polarizing criticism.

That’s what rapper 2kBaby is finding out now. He got a a big 2 in the middle of his forehead and social media has a lot of different veins on it.

Some like it and some hate it. Just like everything else anyone can do.

Probably not the best thing to do though. Wonder if he’ll ever regret it.

Who is 2KBaby?

2KBABY Real name is Christian Michael Todd. He was born on 18 July 2000. He is popularly known as an American musical artist, rapper, hip-hop recording artist, social media star, and media face. Christian Michael Todd is from Kentucky. He became popular in the nation after publishing his first single named Old Streets.

2KBABY Songs are liked by the audience. His songs go viral in no time. His songs receive 45 million views as of June 2021. Furthermore, he also runs a YouTube channel where he uploads his official music videos. recently, he is recording his upcoming song named ‘1st Quarter’.

2KBABY famous and multi-talented rapper. His videos go viral in the nation. According to the sources he is in a relationship with TaJiah Gary. The couple is dating for 8-9 months.

In an interview, he said that as his family conditions are not very well, so his mother sent him to do some work when he was just 14 years old. However, he would have been completed his basic studies at a local school in Kentucky.

2K says, “Louisville never really had its own sound — it’s a mixture. There’s people who listen to Chicago, Detroit, listen to everything. It’s very diverse. Everybody doing their own thing. That’s why my sound’s so unique. I wouldn’t say Louisville is oversaturated with a specific sound, because we get influences from all the other big cities.”

He’s making music for his family, and to support those that need him. Speaking to DJBooth, 2K says, “Everything I do is for my family. This lifestyle I’m living now — which I was only seeing on my phone a few years ago — is cool, but I ain’t gon’ lie, it do be a lot of pressure.”

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