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HEAT Tyler Herro’s Baby Mama Katya Elise Henry Reacts to Him Winning Sixth Man Of The Year

Tyler Herro’s baby momma Katya Elise Henry has reacted to his sixth “Man of the Year” award and according to her via her Instagram Story, she and their daughter are proud of him.

According to Side Action;

Miami Heat guard Tyler Herro was officially named the NBA’s top sixth man for the 2021-22 season this week. Herro gave his post-victory interview with TNT while wearing an interesting hoodie. In fact the hoodie was all about trolling those who think he only played well in the Bubble season.

Shortly after his lady Katya Elise Henry posted a little congratulations. Tyler, their daughter, and the trophy squeezed together for a pic. “So proud of you”.

She also took to her IG story to give us a closer look at Tyler’s trophy: “So proud of you baby!”

Herro averaged 20.7 points, 5.0 rebounds, and 4.0 assists per game. He received 96 out of 100 first-place votes.

This is a social media love story since it all came from a DM during the RONA after Henry had dated several NBA players who dropped her as fast as they got with her.

Almost two months ago Tyler Herro took a chance in front of the watchful eyes of Twitter and made a bid for model Katya Elise right on the timeline for all to see, but fortunately for Tyler things seem to have worked out quite well.

In a new video that surfaced on Twitter, Tyler Herro, and Katya Elise can be seen together in a vehicle looking like a happy coronavirus couple.

It’s likely Tyer Herro had to make a few business decisions when it came to courting Katya Elise, there is, after all, a global pandemic well underway, and according to the CDC and other medical experts, it probably isn’t the best idea to be around anyone that does not live in your household.

Coronavirus or not Tyler Herro got his woman, and they both appear to be happy to be in the presence of each other as the country begins the slow road back to reopening and resuming some resemblance of normal.

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