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Here is How Much Money Kevin Samuels Was Making From His YouTube Channel and If He Was Broke or Not

Kevin Samuels’ family reportedly setting up a GoFundMe account to raise money in order to give him a befitting burial has raised the eyebrows of social media users and asked questions about his YouTube revenue. It’s also alleged that his family has been able to get hold of just $1K in his bank account which clearly means he died a broke man.

Both of those allegations are likely untrue, just off the fact he ran a successful YouTube channel.

According to NewsOne, Kevin Samuels’ monthly revenue on YouTube could have been $5K but that is likely wrong as well because they don’t count things like Super Chats which can bring in $1000s every live stream.

Naturally, social media lit up with commentary following the news. Some gloated about the critical dating advice coach’s untimely demise, while others expressed sympathy and heartache. Some people wondered if Samuels really lived the “high value” lifestyle he preached as the publication Dirt revealed that the life coach allegedly lived in a relatively affordable luxury rental apartment in Buckhead. Was he really raking in the salary of a high-value man?

Social media personalities have been known to pull in millions on YouTube and Instagram from their subscribers and Samuels had tons of fans who would tune in to watch his misogynistic and toxic streams daily, many of them aimed at tearing down the self-confidence of Black women. Samuels garnered over 1.2 million followers on Instagram and 1.45 million subscribers on YouTube. Over the last year, his YouTube page has exploded because of his cringe interviews with Black women, criticizing their dress size and publically embarrassing them while discussing topics like “Modern Women Are Average at Best” and “Women Should Let Men Use Them.”

So, how much money did Samuels actually make from bad-mouthing Black women? The numbers aren’t completely certain, but we can take a few guesses based on the available stats of YouTubers and their potential income revenue.

According to Kamper Power, on average, a YouTuber with 1 million subscribers can make roughly $60,000 a year from ad revenue if they are consistently posting content. That would mean that Samuels could have been making around $5,000 a month. Not too bad for shaming women online.

Similarly, finance YouTube Star Andrei Jikh has earned $1.6 million from ad revenue in less than three short years. Currently, he has 1.99 million subscribers. So, that would imply that Samuels might have made close to a million bucks from his controversial videos over time.

It is likely depending on how he spent his money, Samuels has over six possibly seven figures stashed away somewhere and didn’t die broke.

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