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Alfonso Ribeiro Begs People to Stop Asking Him to Do The “Carlton Dance” in Public

To the fans of Alfonso Ribeiro, stop asking him to do the ‘Carlton Dance’ because according to him, he’s tired of you all asking him to do that dance. He made this known during a recent interview with Jimmy Kimmel via Vlad;

When asked about how it must feel to constantly be badgered about the dance, specifically if his annoyance rises to the level of “wanting to kill people,” Ribeiro said, “You know, I won’t say kill, but I don’t have a love for it like they do, you know?”

“I typically get asked to do the dance pretty much every day of my life if I go outside. If I go anywhere, it’s like, you know, I just randomly hear people, ‘Do the dance!’ And you’re like, ‘I’m…I’m not dancing for you, I’m a Black guy, I’m just not dancing for you. It’s not gonna happen.”

Kimmel expressed how people wanting him to perform for them like that is a “weird inclination” to which Ribeiro responded, “The weird part for me is trying to understand what’s happening in their head,” he said. “Like, what makes you think that you just gon’ ask a random person to dance for you, and they’re gonna be like, ‘Oh my God, I’ve been waiting for you to ask! Hold on a second, lemme get into character?’ Like, it’s not…I don’t get it, it’s not gonna happen.”

I can imagine after twenty years of being asked this it would be annoying. Especially if it is white people asking a black man to dance on their command. Even if they don’t mean any harm it still isn’t a good look for them. If you want to see Alfonso to do the dance, just go to YouTube or TikTok. Plenty of places you can watch in the comfort of your own home and stop bothering this man while he is eating lunch.

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