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Mike Tyson Reacts to Woman Invading His Space and Putting Her Finger in His Face

There are a few people that I wouldn’t want to make mad and at the top of the list is Mike Tyson.

As a man on a recent Jet Blue flight found out, Mike still will beat the crap out of you.

If you’re a woman though, he’s just going to yell at you though. While in Vegas a woman wrapped her arm around him and put her finger in his face and Mike apparently loves his personal space.

He turned around to confront her but luckily his security stepped in immediately and got him out of there before things could get worse.

Probably should just leave Mike Tyson alone.  You see what happened last time someone tried to antagonize Mike. He ended up beaten and bloody on a plane.

Don’t mess with Mike Tyson.

He was well within his rights to beat up this guy on a Jet Blue flight for harassing him, kicking his chair and touching him inappropriately. It was self-defense as I see it and this is what you need to do to fans who get a little to handsy to let them know everything is not a game.

I hope the man takes his beating like a man and doesn’t sue, but I know that isn’t likely based on his complexion.

Of course, he went to the police like a punk.

He was feeling real manly when he was bothering Iron Mike but as soon as Mike beat his ass, he ran to the cops. I hope he is the one that gets charged. Tyson’s reps tell BSO that the man also threw a water bottle at Mike.

I don’t know what this woman was trying to accomplish but Mike was well within his right to act the way he did.

People need to stop doing things like this.

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