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Marcellus Cornwell Made $2k a Day Selling Weed via a Vending Machine Attached to His House

The weed business really pays and if you can get creative it pays very well.

That’s what Marcellus Cornwell a Detroit man learned. Cornwell has been very successful in the weed business after putting a weed vending machine on his house so people could just come up and buy.

According to the Detroit Free Press, the man made $2,000 per day for the last 4 years with the vending machine. With most things in the drug business though, you have to be very careful with everything you do or you will get the attention of the feds.

That’s what happened to Cornwell. He has a felony record and was arrested last week for illegally possessing guns. The feds got a tip on what he was doing and then made purchases from the vending machine to get some evidence. They then seized 18 firearm, a lot of ammunition, and a lot of weed.

It looks like someone snitched on Cornwell with the first issue coming when someone put the vending machine on TikTok.

“Entrepreneurial at its best, unfortunately, both things were illegal,” Vanderplow said.

The “both” – the ATF is referring to, is that Cornwell is being investigated for selling guns out of a house off Mettetal Street, possibly to minors.

Eighteen firearms seized from his house – including a sawed-off shotgun.

“As far as where these firearms came from and what crimes they would have been a part of we are still looking into that,” Vanderplow said.

Business being too good was Cornwell’s downfall.

“You do this stuff in a neighborhood, people are going to notice and they’re going to get mad – they’re going to do something about it,” Vanderplow added.

Selling guns to minors should be punished, but never forget that cigarettes were sold out of vending machines for decades and weed is legal in almost every state in some capacity. I feel the charges from the vending machine should be dropped.

The man was eventually released on bond.

Flip the page for more on his arrest and how he was caught.

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