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Shaquille O’Neal Paid His Ex-Wife Shaunie $300k Not to Work When They Were Married

Shaquille O’Neal has revealed why he had to dash his ex-wife Shaunie O’Neal $300K. According to him, he made a mistake for his ex-wife not to work when they were together, and for him, if he can afford to let his woman stay in the house and be taken care of, why let her work for $100K a year? But then he regrets doing that.

He made the above revelation on The Big Podcast with Shaq via Fade Away World;

“You have to let a woman be a woman coz I’m a king because of how my mother worked. I only want her to do one thing, stay fine. I was the type, ‘you don’t need to work, whatever you need I’ll give it to you’ because I’m like the King of England mentally.“

“I know now, it is a mistake. I’m so big on my people. If I can protect you by keeping you in a house, stay in house. What you working for how much you make in a year? 100,000? Here’s 300,000.“

There is more;

Shaquille O’Neal has always stated he’s very protective of the people he loves, doing whatever he can to help those who need him. This goes to the next level when it comes to the women in his life. The Los Angeles Lakers legend has always made sure to take care of them, no matter what.

Although this sounds like something cool, not everybody thinks the same. Shaq has made a lot of money during and after his career, but the rest of the people want to do their own thing and see what they can do or how far they can get without O’Neal helping them. Fortunately, it seems like he’s learned his lesson now, and won’t make the same mistakes if he ever gets married again.

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