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Watch Trae Young React To Yankees Fans Chant ‘F*** Trae Young’ During Game

Trae Young has reacted to a video clip of Yankees fans chanting  “F*** Trae Young” during a game. Trae hopped on Twitter and then tweeted, “we can’t hear you”.

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The Atlanta Hawks season has been over. The New York Knicks didn’t even qualify for the postseason as they finished 37-45 and in the 11th spot in the Eastern Conference.

That still hasn’t stopped the fans from blasting their number 1 enemy Trae Young.

The Yankees are 31-13 and the best team in the American League, yet the fan base cannot help but to throw random shots at the Hawks guard.

During a recent guard, the fan base could be heard screaming ‘F** Trae Young.’

It’s a been a full two months since Trae Young was seen scoring 45 in a loss at Madison Square Garden. The damage he has done to the city hasn’t been seen since Reggie Miller was still driving them nuts.

Trae Young is still in their heads.

The only thing more satisfying than seeing and hearing a Madison Square Garden crowd losing its collective mind was a similarly powerful hush following a stunning moment.

Atlanta’s Trae Young authored the first page in his playoff career in the most dramatic way possible — a winner with less than a second left to give the Hawks a 107-105 Game 1 win over the Knicks and some payback to the fans who chanted “F*** Trae Young.”

Spike Lee was back on the sideline and 15,000 thirsty souls were back in their basketball sanctuary, and it was Young’s duty to end the revival, to send them scurrying back to 33rd Street with a familiar feeling delivered by Michael Jordan and Reggie Miller in playoffs past.

He didn’t deliver the famous “choke sign” like Miller, but Young seems so much more equipped and willing to step into being the next NBA villain. Miller basked in it, and one could say made the Hall of Fame by torturing Knicks fans, famous and anonymous, through the 90s.

Young’s quieting the crowd shouldn’t obscure the fact that the Knicks-Hawks opener was the most thrilling of two days of wonderful playoff basketball, or that this looks to be a pretty evenly matched series.

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