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Did Deshaun Watson React To a Video of Two Women Giving Diddy a Massage

Deshaun Watson is facing 24 lawsuits all from women who have accused him of sexually harassing them during massage sessions but it seems he’s not that bothered as he allegedly dropped a comment on a video of Diddy getting a massage posted on Instagram.

According to TPS;

Deshaun Watson is widely expected to be suspended for at least part of the 2022 NFL season while facing 24 civil lawsuits alleging sexual assault or misconduct. The QB has yet to resolve any of the now-24 lawsuits accusing him of sexual abuse during private massage therapy sessions.

Because of what we continue to find out, Watson has become an easy target for fans to make jokes. Such was the case when hip hop legend Diddy posted a video of himself getting a tandem massage outside.

Watson commenting on the post, however, was fake. But it did not stop one dude from turning it into a viral joke.

After doing some investigating the comment in question is indeed fake, but it let’s you know how the general public feels about Watson that they even believed it. It is possible more lawsuits are coming as well.

Attorney Tony Buzbee, who represents the 24 women who have sued Watson in civil court — eight of whom made criminal complaints — posted a statement on Tuesday night criticizing the extent to which Hardin and the prosecutor communicated.

“Just so there is no confusion,” Buzbee said on Instagram, “I personally contacted the Harris County DA’s office one time on behalf of the victims to make available to her my clients and any evidence I had collected. My team also did so. They wouldn’t even talk to us! I has no idea that the assistant district attorney was regularly corresponding with Deshaun Watson’s lawyer by email and text; I didn’t know that the assistant district attorney actually went to [Rusty] Hardin’s office to discuss the cases; I didn’t know that Watson’s lawyer provided a PowerPoint that was to be used before the grand jury. I didn’t know, but now know after speaking to the investigating officer under oath, that the police investigation team was convinced that Watson had committed more than ten sexual crimes, or that the ADA has prevented the investigating officers from talking to the women who had filed lawsuits but had not filed criminal complaints. And what I do know is that, of the multiple criminal complainants in Houston, only one was asked by the ADA to appear in front of the grand jury, even though other victims were standing by to do so. As a taxpayer, and more importantly as the advocate for these women, I feel ‘home towned’ in my own home town, and duped. I think the public and all interested were duped as well. Makes you wonder. . . . Thank God for the civil justice system.”

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