New Lawsuit Explains How Houston Texans Helped Facilitate “Happy Endings” For Deshaun Watson Who Humped Tables During Massages – BlackSportsOnline
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New Lawsuit Explains How Houston Texans Helped Facilitate “Happy Endings” For Deshaun Watson Who Humped Tables During Massages

If Deshaun Watson had just paid the original accuser $100k, none of this would have happened, but according to reports, his team was very rude to her, and now everything is coming out into the open.

It has been a landslide of questionable activities from Watson being revealed in lawsuit after lawsuit.

Even though Watson has settled 20 of the 24 lawsuits, the Texans are being roped into the mix (no pun intended). Initially, the Texans said they had no idea what Watson was up to, but according to this new lawsuit, they were helping him with his happy endings and keeping the women quiet about them.

The lawsuit says the owner of Genuine Touch, a massage therapy company that partnered with the Texans, reported Watson’s habit of “seeking out an unusually high number of massages from strangers on Instagram” to the Texans as early as June 2020, but the franchise “did nothing about it.”

The lawsuit says the owner, Joni Honn, complained to the Texans, and that her “stated concern to the Texans was that Watson was putting himself in danger of contracting Covid, or getting himself sued,” the lawsuit says.

“We are aware of the lawsuit filed against us today,” the Texans said in a statement on Monday. “Since March 2021, we have fully supported and complied with law enforcement and the various investigations. We will continue to take the necessary steps to address the allegations against our organization.”

Genuine Touch employees were “well aware” of what they described as Watson’s “sketchiness” and “attempts to push boundaries,” according to the lawsuit. Honn says she was aware of what she called Watson’s “towel trick,” using a small towel rather than the industry required draping. Multiple individuals from Genuine Touch were also aware that during at least one massage session Watson had “humped the table” and “left a wet spot,” the lawsuit says.

Genuine Touch was also aware that Watson was having sexual relations with at least one of its therapists during massage sessions, the lawsuit says.

“Despite this behavior, and after yet another woman questioned Watson’s behavior and threatened to expose Watson on the internet, the Houston Texans organization — rather than investigate and address Watson’s disturbing behavior — instead provided Watson with a NDA to ‘protect himself’ going forward from the random women he was finding on Instagram,” the lawsuit says.

Watson acknowledged the Texans arranged for him to have “a place” at the hotel, according to a deposition obtained in a New York Times report that said the franchise enabled their star quarterback’s behavior. Watson said his access to the property wasn’t under his name, according to the Times, and a woman who gave Watson a massage at the hotel said the room was registered to a member of the Texans’ training staff.

Sketchiness and pushing boundaries is an excellent way to describe what Watson has been up to all these years. Does that make him a criminal, predatory, or just a freak? Is it up to you to decide?

Flip the pages from the lawsuit and the NDAs.

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