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Trevor Bauer Thanks The Jurors In Johnny Depp-Amber Heard Defamation Case For Vindicating Depp

Trevor Bauer is all for Johnny Depp in his defamation lawsuit against Amber Heard and he had to hop on Twitter and celebrate after the Jurors reached a verdict in favor of Depp.

Commenting on the verdict, this is what Trevor Bauer tweeted;

It took four years of torching Johnny Depp’s reputation over false allegations of abuse to get to today, but he has finally been vindicated. Thank you to the jurors in this case for rightfully holding Amber Heard accountable for defamation.

According to Side Action;

Trevor Bauer, feeling like he shares many similarities with Johnny Depp, took to social media to celebrate the verdict.

Trevor Bauer had the sexual assault charges against him dropped. But still, the MLB slapped sown a full year-long suspension following their own, separate trial.

Perhaps Bauer is now going to consider starting his own defamation suit against the woman who alleged some terrible things about him during a sexual encounter.

Either way, it feels like we’ll be hearing plenty more from Trevor Bauer during his suspension.

Bauer feels like he has been done dirty by the court of public opinion and MLB for suspending him for 2 years.

The lawsuit, obtained by TMZ Sports, was filed in California on Monday. The docs show Bauer is suing both Lindsey Hill and one of her attorneys, Fred Thiagarajah, over what he claims are fabricated sexual assault allegations.

Bauer, as he’s done repeatedly since Hill initially accused him in 2021, completely denied having non-consensual sex with the woman. Bauer also, once again, denied ever choking Hill without her consent. He also denied ever punching or scratching her.

Bauer did acknowledge that the two had sex on two occasions — one in April 2021 and one in May 2021 — but he claimed over and over again in the suit that the actions during those encounters were consensual.

In his suit, Bauer claims despite consenting to “rough sex,” Hill falsely filed a police report against him and accused him of sexual assault in order to sink his baseball career and to try to reach a financial settlement with him. Bauer also claims in the suit that Thiagarajah helped her perpetuate the false allegations.

He also says the two photographs of Hill’s alleged injuries were altered and filtered to make them look worse than they were. In the lawsuit, Bauer said he was filing the action in order to “expose and seek redress for the false and malicious statements and related conduct of Ms. Hill and Mr. Thiagarajah.”

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