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Ray Allen Explains to Youngsters Why LeBron James Is Not The ‘GOAT’

A video of Ray Allen convincing a bunch of youngsters why LeBron James isn’t the ‘GOAT’ is out there on the internet with the fans of LeBron lashing out at him.

To the fans of LeBron, he’s the GOAT! Via TPS;

In a video posted on TikTok, Ray Allen can be seen debunking a fan’s argument as to why his former Miami Heat teammate LeBron James isn’t the greatest of all time.

“He can score and pass it,” the fan said in the video. “Is he a great free throw shooter? Is he a great three-point shooter? Is he a great dribbler?” Allen responds, adding, “So you’re saying he’s the GOAT, but he ain’t even the greatest in all them categories. You know who it is? MJ.”

The teenagers in the video came into the discussion thinking it was LeBron, but by the end of it, they would be left in complete shock.

The 46-year-old played two seasons with LeBron on the Miami Heat including in 2013 when they won the NBA championship.

In an appearance on the James Posey Podcast in 2020, Allen admitted that he was “scared to death” when he played against Jordan and the Chicago Bulls in 1997.

Michael Jordan over LeBron James any day.

You can make a case of LeBron being the GOAT simply because longevity and sustained greatness. If you factor that in, you can make a very good case that he is the greatest player of all-time. Also he is a much better passer and rebounder than Jordan so you have to take that into consideration as well.

There is no wrong answers to the GOAT discussion, so be sure to just keep them light and fluffy.

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