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The Boston Celtics Respond to LeBron Calling Their Fans Racist AF

It’s not a secret that many pro players think Boston fans are racist. It seems like too many people have said it for it not to be true.

Lebron James was the latest to say it after he was asked why he hated the Celtics so much.

He also said he thought the Celtics had something to do with selling shirts that said “f**k LBJ” saying they probably sold it at the team store.

“Because they racist as [expletive], that’s why,” James said, smiling. “They will say anything. And it’s fine. I mean, [expletive], it’s my life. It’s [expletive] I’ve been dealing with my whole life. I don’t mind it. Like, I hear it. Like, if I hear somebody close by, I’ll check them real quick. I’ll move on to the game. They’re going to say whatever the [expletive] they want to say. They might throw something on you. I mean, I got a beer thrown on me leaving the game. Like, it’s Boston.”

“There was like a ‘[expletive] LBJ’ T-shirt,” James said. “I believe they probably sold it at the [expletive] team shop.”

Carter suggested that the shirt was sold outside of the arena.

“No, they sold it at the team shop,” James said, smiling. “I’m like, ‘Celtics had something to do with that [expletive].’ ”

That got back to the Celtics, and they released a statement via the Boston Globe saying they had nothing to do with it and don’t agree that the fans are racist.

A Celtics spokesperson said Saturday that the team does not sell any merchandise that disparages James, or any other opposing player.

Not a surprise because they for sure wouldn’t admit to selling the shirts or the fans being racist.

Many fan bases are racists, so Celtics fans aren’t alone.

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