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Skip Bayless Says He Stop a Man Who Had a Gun Just By Looking at Him During Road Rage Incident

Skip Bayless is so good at telling stories that it is very hard to believe this happened exactly the way he claimed it happened.

I am sure it happened, but I believe if we ever found the road rage guy, he would tell a totally different story.

Awful Announcing broke down what Skip had to say about his road rage incident and stopped the man with the gun just with a look.

According to Bayless, while driving home from the Brentwood Country Club in his 800hp vehicle during rush hour traffic, he attempted to cut around someone who slammed on their brakes. In doing so, Bayless nearly sideswiped another car. Bayless said all the vehicles involved avoided any accident and the Fox Sports host just chalked it up to typical Los Angeles traffic.

“I went on about my business, I accelerated back up to 40mph or so and I suddenly realized that the driver who had flown past me, was slowing down so that I could pull up beside him, which I did,” said Bayless. “He was gesturing wildly at me so I immediately pointed to myself and I mouthed to him. ‘my fault, sorry.’ But he appeared to get even angrier.”

“He sped back up for a moment and then he slowed back down beside me,” Bayless continued. “And, are you ready for this? He held up his handgun for me to see. Held it right up in the driver’s side window for me to see. Again, this made absolutely no sense to me, so I tried again, pointing to myself and mouthing, ‘no, no, no, no, no, no, no, my fault, sorry.’”

“I have my pride,” Bayless said. “I didn’t want to look like I was turning tail and running, even though that’s probably what I should have done…but you know how I am. I knew I was in the right here, even though I was wrong to have made him swerve, I was right in that I was trying to profusely apologize.”

“In my younger days, I just might have gotten out of that car, which obviously could have been the single dumbest move I could have ever made,” Bayless admitted. “I did not have a weapon other than my golf clubs in the trunk. So I have no idea what exactly I would have tried to do. Go John Wick on him, try to disarm him, beat the unholy hell out of him in front of the many motorists who are now looking on, if not filming this.”

Instead, as the enraged person approached his 800hp “rocket ship” of a vehicle, Bayless took his sunglasses off, looked the person in the eye and firmly said “get back in your car.”

“And thank god, he did,” Bayless acknowledged.

Do you believe any of this?

Flip the page for Bayless, telling the whole story.

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