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Aaron Rodgers On How His Tablet Toss Techniques Aren’t The Same As Tom Brady’s Because Brady Broke His Tablet

There were a lot of emotions going on during the Buccaneers and Saints game on Sunday.

Lots of tempers flared, and Mike Evans and Marshon Lattimore were tossed out of the game after they got into a scuffle. Former head coach and now team consultant Bruce Arians showed some emotions also.

Even Tom Brady didn’t hold back his emotions during the game. He was seen visibly upset, and he threw a tablet down on the ground, breaking it.

After seeing the Brady tablet video, Aaron Rodgers, who is no stranger to throwing tablets himself, joked about how hard Brady threw his tablet, saying he didn’t throw him as hard and said it was different and wanted everyone to know he just “tossed” his.

Brady says he has to stop being so emotional.

Tom Brady admitted to getting “pretty emotional” during Sunday’s game amid his marital drama with wife Gisele Bündchen.

“I’ve got to be really mindful of that going forward and getting my emotions in a good place, so it allows me to be the best player I can be,” Brady, 45, said Monday’s episode of his SiriusXM podcast “Let’s Go! with Tom Brady, Larry Fitzgerald and Jim Gray.”

The quarterback explained that “remaining poised is really important too which I didn’t do a very good job of that yesterday” when he was spotted throwing a tablet to the ground and screaming at his teammates during the Tampa Bay Buccaneers game against the New Orleans Saints.

“I think there’s an importance where you can become too overly emotional, which I definitely think I was yesterday, and I’ve got to find a better place to be at, so I can be at a better place for my teammates,” Brady concluded.

Brady’s admission comes after Page Six reported he and Bündchen, 42, had gotten into an “epic” fight over his decision to return to the NFL despite announcing his retirement 40 days prior.

“There’s been trouble in the marriage over his decision to un-retire. Gisele has always been the one with the kids,” one source told us earlier this month.

“They had agreed he would retire to focus on the family, then he changed his mind.”

The power couple’s marital issues have only seemed to escalate, with a source telling Page Six they spotted the former Victoria’s Secret Angel “crying into her mobile phone” while on a walk alone in New York City last week.

The two future HOF QBs play each other Sunday, so surely they will go over tablet-tossing techniques.

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